How To Bind

Chest binding is the practice of compressing breast mass into a more masculine shape, often done in the LGBT community for gender euphoria and drag, but also practiced by men with gynecomastia.

The safest ways to bind are to use a chest binder or body tape designed for this type of compression and following instructions. It is not safe to use ace bandages, wraps, or duct tape for chest binding. Never wear a binder that is too tight or makes it hard to breathe. Not all brands use the same sizing, so always check size charts! You should only bind for up to 8-12 hour a day depending on the level of compression, and it is important to take rest days. Never sleep in a binder. Normal binders should not be worn to exercise in, but our soft binders have some stretch that make this safer, though it can still get pretty sweaty so we have developed other options like GenderBender Body Tape and our Active Top.

When binding, nipples should press flat against the fabric - do not point downwards!! It is often best to adjust tissue to where it would naturally shift when you lay naked on your back. Our zippered styles offer the unique option of putting your binder on while actually laying back this way - for the safest binding - as well as a quick release when necessary, even with a shirt still on!

Breathe deeply to stay present on long days :)

We make soft binders, activewear, swim tops, and even offer body tape for those who would prefer to only compress their breast tissue rather than their entire ribcage! More information on these products below:


Chest Binders

We get lots of questions about which type of binder is more effective and of course the answer is - that depends! Every individual is unique so no chart can be 100% accurate for everyone, but we think we've created this page to help narrow it down for you. We offer free exchanges so you can find the best fit! Feel free to contact us for recommendations. 

All our soft binders are made of the same fabric and offer the same amount of compression, but each style's features may make it more suitable for certain body types:

Our Zip Binder and Half Binder have the same fit, but the zipper allows for easier dressing and undressing, as well as allowing those with very broad shoulders or physical disabilities to wear a better fitting binder than they would otherwise be able to get into.

The Full Binder is a long tank style that can tuck into the pants, provide extra support and prevent spillage - while our Zip Compression Top is specifically designed for those with large/low chests.

Our plus size binder is called the Zip Plus Compression Top!

After seeing how many people are looking for strapless binders, we decided to design the Strapess Compression Top. This may come as a surprise to y'all, but it works better for people with large cup size than those with smaller cup sizes, who may find this fit painful or unappealing due to the compression of solely the ribcage area. It can be difficult to get into and can result in an underarm buldge, so we primarily recommend this style for people who can't wear binders with straps due to chronic shoulder pain.

Our Active Top is great option for people looking for light, swim and exercise-safe compression or those who want to be extra careful due to health concerns. This may feel like a sports bra, but with a less gendered design and fit!

We also offer more rigid swim options like the Zip Compression Swim Top and Unisuit in a foamier compression material, as well as the innovative Swimsafe Hard Binder and matching Attachable Swim Tank - discount available for purchasing these as a set. This set offers more stealth when existing in public, because the tank and binder can snap together to prevent the binder from poking out whether or not you are swimming!



We also offer binding tape and tape accessories like nipple covers in our Tape Collection.

For those who can't wear a binder, we have developed GenderBender Body Tape as a safe and incredibly comfortable option for binding and packing. It is waterproof and can be worn for up to a week at a time! Softer, more skin-friendly, and easier to remove than Transtape. Great for swimming or going to festevals! See more detailed instructions here.

Though it can last up to a week, we recommend using it 3-5 days at a time for your personal hygeine. We still suggest wearing it for more than 1 day at a time as the adhesive gets weaker over time and removal will be easier after a couple days - especially after excercising, sweating, or bathing. Days off between uses is recommended to let the skin breath and prevent clogged pores and acne!

We also sell Drag Tape that can be used the same way, but the adhesive is incredibly strong for good performance in drag, so it is only intended for short-term use and should be carefully removed with oil.

For those who have had allergic reactions to tape in the past, we offer small sample test strips of the GenderBender Tape. We do not recommend Drag Tape to anyone with sensitive skin.

More info & directions in each product listing! 


Can't choose which size to get?

Check out our size chart

If you have broad shoulders/chest (so most of that measurement is ribcage, not breast tissue), or get claustrophobic/anxiety or back pain from binding, we recommend trying the larger size. If you have a small frame and larger cup size, the smaller size should work much better! If you still aren't sure, we reccomend getting the larger size, and we can exchange for a smaller size if it is too loose. Exchanges are free!


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