Supply chains and seasonal sales have been hit hard by the global pandemic. While our primary lines sold well, our pride lines were a huge loss in both 2020 and 2021. Now we are experiencing low inventory because there have been delays in receiving the materials needed to produce our products as well as long lead times from our contractors. Once our fabric finally comes in we will be doing a huge restock, which will hit us with high labor costs right as profits are tanking from stock-outs. As a private microbusiness, all investments and losses come out of our own pockets, not to mention the stress of the situation. We will be slowing down this winter to recuperate and organize ourselves for future goals. To enable this, instead of spending so much time on expensive new developments, we will be releasing lines of carefully selected goods made overseas that we feel will complement our current offering and allow us to expand into other areas of the lifestyle we are trying to improve! We really appreciate all the love we get from our community, and want to make it easier to help by putting this donation link out there!! Thank you for your support :)