We really appreciate all the love we get from our community, and want to make it easier to help by putting this donation link out there!!

Tips can also be left during checkout. Thank you so much for your support :)

We can really use the help right now to assure we can afford a larger location next year to increase stock quantities, styles offered, and local pick-up!

Supply chains and seasonal sales have been hit hard by the global pandemic. While our primary lines did well, we are experiencing low inventory because there have been delays in receiving the materials needed to produce our products as well as longer lead times from our contractors. Even though our costs are increasing, we are determined not to increase our prices to keep our goods as accessible as possible.

Despite those setbacks, we continue to provide free and low cost gender gear to those in need! Some of the organizations we support are listed below:

  • Trans Youth Equality Foundation
  • Brave Space Alliance
  • YMCA Burbank Social Impact Center
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Nurse Morgan Helps
  • Maxx Drag
  • TransFormers
  • United Pride Prom
  • Knights of Orchids