We have developed GenderBender Body Tape as a safe and incredibly comfortable option for binding, as well as tucking and packing. Softer, more skin-friendly, and easier to remove than cotton KT tapes like most "trans" tapes on the market. Great for swimming or going to festevals! It is waterproof and should be worn for 3-5 days. Please see more detailed instructions here for propper removal and use for binding.

We also sell Drag Tape that can be used the same way, but the adhesive is strong and it has no stretch. This style is intended for short-term use like drag and other performances, and it should be carefully removed after soaking in oil.

For those who have had allergic reactions to tape in the past, we offer small sample test strips of the GenderBender Tape. We do not recommend Drag Tape to anyone with sensitive skin. More info & directions in each product's description!

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