How To Tuck

Tucking is the act of orienting one's genitals down in a way to make them less noticeable or flattening them to present more femininely.

The most effective way to tuck is to insert the testes into their inguinal canals. Inguinal tucking can be difficult or uncomfortable for some people, so taking breaks or finding other ways to tuck is important. Our gaffs and tapes do not require this method be used, but this does typically result in the flattest tuck!

We get lots of questions about which gaff is most effective and of course the answer is: that depends! All our gaffs are made of the same soft compression fabric, but each style's features may make it more suitable for certain body types.

Our Low-rise Gaff has a narrow side strap for hiding under other panties, and has a slightly shorter thong for a better fit on people who like to wear underwear low, or those whith small hips/similar waist and hip measurements.

Our Mid-rise Gaff is an inch taller, making it a great option for those wearing it on its own. The slightly longer thong also allows this to be worn higher on the hip and is a great fit for people with bubble butts!

Our High-rise Gaff is a highwaisted cut that offers light waist compression. It comes with extra elastic in the crotch to support the gals as well as an open facing for those who want to try inserting a foam pad or camel-toe form. This style looks sleek in all sizes, but is available up to 5X due to its popularity with plus size subjects.

Gaffs of various heights are available with an added Grip Elastic waistband to keep everything firmly in place. Gaffs with pride waistbands also available!

All our soft gaffs come with tabs in the back where our Tucking Straps can be attached, for a more secure tuck. These straps are adjustable and come with 3 sizes silicone rings to hold everything down and back. This design is intended for short term use, as constant use may irritate the glans.

Our Tucking Shorts offer full coverage, offering fantastic support for those who cannot tuck inguinally and preventing anything from slipping out throughout your busy day. Because of how well these shorts have sold, we plan to making a similar style of compression leggings! As these include side pockets, they already work well as yoga-wear or bike shorts, though we don't wearing the white ones alone in public, since they may be a bit see-through in back! The same goes for our Tucking Bikini-Cut Bottom in white, yellow and green being a bit transluscent.

For more support and coverage while swimming, we made the Thick Tucking Bikini Bottoms and Reversible Pride Shorts with a foamier polyester compression material.

That thick material we originally used is not currently available, so new Bikini Bottoms restocked in black, pink, white, yellow, rust, charcoal, and all the prints are made in a lighter weight swimsafe compression fabric. Keep in mind that the lightest colors like white and yellow may be too sheer when wet for use in public, but still work great as bikini-cut panties.

For those who prefer to use body tape for tucking, we have developed GenderBender Body Tape as a safe and comfortable alternative to KT tape. It is waterproof and last a long time, but can only be re-applied a couple times. Softer, more skin-friendly, and easier to remove than Transtape. Great for swimming or going to festevals!

We also sell Drag Tape that can be used the same way, but the adhesive is incredibly strong for good performance in drag, so it is only intended for short-term use and must be removed with natural oil while soaking in warm water. It is incredibly important that sensitive areas like the glans be covered with a cotton tissue or pad to prevent irritation from the adhesive.


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