Who do I contact for help with my order?
If you are unable to find the answers you need on this page, feel free to email us at gbllcservices@gmail.com and please include your 4 digit order number if you have already placed an order. If you have not yet placed an order, please specify your location to help us better answer your question.

What are your store policies?
Refund Policy
Shipping Policy
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Terms of Service

Where is my package?
Tracking information is available in your order history under Account.

What shipping carrier do you use?
We default to USPS for ease of pick-up, but international customers can also select DHL at checkout for faster and more reliable delivery. USPS standard shipping typically takes 2-6 days and expedited shipping should be 1-3 days after shipment. All orders over 1lb are automatically bumped up to Priority Mail! We are not liable for delays in any of these servicers' delivery, but will request shipping cost refunds from the service if possible or replace items if damaged due to poor packaging.

Why don't you deliver to my location?
Shopify might not allow you to place an order if the address being entered incorrectly or if they have restrictions surrounding your area. If you are having trouble due to your international address, please try purchasing on Etsy, which may offer delivery to locations this website can't. Unfortunately Etsy does charge us a larger percentage in fees and commisions and also won't give you the option to upgrade shipping to DHL (our preferred international shipping partner), but they do at least offer prepaid VAT for most countries.

Will I be charged taxes?
We only charge you the required taxes if the order is being delivered within California, USA. However, if you are an international customer, your government may charge customs duties on any imports above a certain minimum value. These taxes vary from country to country, so you may want to research the rates, unless your country has a free trade agreement with the United States. We are currently unable to collect duties that are due to other governments. We specifially do not recommend using UPS for international orders because they have their own customs broker and often require the duties to be paid before delivery. We have had better luck with DHL in this regard. If you would like to prepay VAT and aren't in a rush to receive your order, you can try placing your order on Etsy - but keep in mind that Etsy's Global Postal / USPS shipping can take a while and frequently go long periods without tracking updates as they are shipping and exchanged with local delivery services.

Why isn't the free shipping discount code working for my order?
The free shipping discount code FREES&H is automatically applied to all eligible orders wihtin the US, unless they are already getting a better deal from another discount code. Unfortunately, as a very small company, we can't often afford to apply multiple discounts to the same items. While a few special order discount codes like credits are allowed to combine, we currently do not have any product deals that combine with the free shipping discount. If you would rather apply the free shipping code to your cart, you may be giving up any BOGO deals or bulk discounts currently applied to your order.

Where can I find product reviews?
Reviews are near the bottom of each product page below the description. We are in the process of transferring over reviews from our Etsy store, which requires a lot of sifting through information. You can also see those at the bottom of our Etsy Shop Page.

How do I get GenderBender Tape to flatten chests?
Our biggest tip is to hold the tissue flat with one hand while gently pulling the paper off to roll the tape flat onto the skin rather than stretching it on. Xandre pulls a small amount of paper off to stick the tape to his inner breast, puts a hand over the tape to squish the breast into the pec-like shape they want it to be, and sticks the rest of the tape to his side just below the armpit hair. He also cuts the top corner into a curve or diagonal to control the compression - you can see how they typically wear GenderBender Tape here. Brief visual directions are in the tape product photos!

Which size should I get?
Most products have size charts as well as links for How to Bind or How to Tuck. Please check out How to Measure if unsure of your measurements!

Why don't you have my size?
Please use the size filter in collection pages to find items available in your size! Unfortunately, we can't afford to have styles made in all sizes until we know we can sell enough to cover the cost. Limitted edition prints will likely only be offered in a limitted size range. We plan to offer basics in extended sizing and even fits for verying body types! We may simply be out of stock of some sizes - feel free to email us and ask if we have estimates for when products will be restocked!

Can GenderBender adjust the shape or length of a garment?
We can usually make garments shorter, but to make them longer we would probably need to make one from scratch. Please contact us with your requirements and we will tell you what we can do in your situation!

How much customization do you offer?
As business grows, we have less time and space to devote to custom products. We can not dye small orders to custom colors or don't often build items from scratch purely for aesthetic reasons - but we do offer customization when it comes to special fit or function for those who really need it. If your needs are not being met elsewhere, we are here to help you! We do need to charge a minumum of $99 for made-to-order garments, but can charge much less for simple alterations & additions.

When will you offer darker nude tones?
We do not yet have the capacity to order custom colors from our fabric supplier in LA, but we hope to soon be able to afford to purchase more skin tones overseas. When it comes to our tape, this will be more difficult to achieve, because the factory that manufactures our tape has very high minimums for custom colors - so high that we would have trouble even storing the amount of tape required, let alone paying for it. If we can increase our tape sales enough to cover that much new inventory, we would be trilled to offer more colors! If you would like to help us promote GenderBender tape or raise money for more inclusive inventory, please reach out!

Why don't you feature other pride flags?
GenderBender is focused on gender & presentation, not sexuality. We sometimes offer rainbow or progress pride as a catch-all, but otherwise the trans and nonbinary flags cover most of our customers - so much so that investing in more specific inventory would be financially irresponsible. One day we hope to get a larger location to hold more inventory, hire more transgender people, and better serve the community as a whole - but that will take time & require new funding!

What determines your pricing?
Most our goods are handmade locally in Los Angeles, California, US. Anything made elsewhere was probably bought at the lowest possible quantity, meaning a much higher cost per unit than in mass production for larger companies. Some of our designs are even made custom to order. Doing production locally and in such small batches is more expensive, but also more sustainable and socially responsible. We want to make our products as accessible as possible for our community, but we do need to make a profit to sustain the business & pay our people. Compared to most other trans owned shops, we have more professional industry experience, conduct more product development, and use higher quality fabrics that we consider better suited for our products' use. Comfort and innovation are cornerstones of our brand, so this investment of time and money is essential in offering our creations to the community. Please consider us as a small queer business, rather than comparing us to corporations that are nothing like ours, when doing business with us! We deeply appreciate your support :)