Swimsafe Rigid Binder and Attachable Swim Tank

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This swimwear is handmade in Los Angeles with a water resistant finish for a quick dry effect. The firm inner binder flattens the chest, while this loose outer layer drapes over it in a masculine shape and hides any underarm fat. The inner binding layer zips down for safe and more comfortable dressing, undressing, and temporary breaks from binding! The tank top this listing is for can then be put on and snapped to the binder, preventing any shifting and keeping the binder from poking out the neck or arm holes. Since the tank is detachable, either binder or top layer can be worn on their own, though we highly recommend wearing a set for the most masculine figure when swimming.

Binders and tanks can be purchased separately, giving you the option of selecting a larger tank top if you would prefer an oversized look.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING THE BINDER ONLY WITHOUT A TANK, BUT STILL NEED SNAPS ON THE SHOULDERS FOR AN ATTACHABLE TANK YOU ALREADY HAVE, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE TO SHOP AT CHECKOUT TO MAKE SURE YOURS GETS SNAPS. Since some people have started ordering these without tanks, some new inventory has been made without the snaps, while older inventory may come with snaps regardless of being ordered alone. If you need snaps, we'll happily add them free of charge, and any orders placed including the attachable tank will come with snaps automatically. Our KAM snaps are very smooth against the skin and should not cause any irritation.

Plus size version (not detachable, which prevents the binder from being able to poke out the neck hole) is currently only available in 3X-4X!

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When binding, it is often best to adjust tissue to where it would naturally shift when you lay naked on your back. Our zipper offers the unique option of closing your binder while actually laying back this way - for the safest binding - as well as a quick release when necessary! Breathe deep into your belly to stay present on long days :)


The tank top is designed to drape flatly over the binder to further hide the chest. It is made with fabric normally used for boardshorts, which has stretch but not as much as the typical knit tank top. Since this style is more rigid than our soft binders, you may find you need a larger size than you normally do with our compression tops. 

Plus size version that comes with an attached inner binder (which prevents the binder from being able to poke out the neck hole) is currently available in 3X-5X!

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Machine Wash Cold

Tumble Dry Low

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Customer Reviews

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Size not accurate for everyone

I went a size up on this and it still ran small. Exchanges are free though and I like the hard binder with the swim tank!

Awesome Swim Option

This got me so flat! I will say the binder and tank work better together than on their own. The tank itself isn't a binder, but it drapes over the binder rigidly kind of like a hoodie does to make curves much less noticeable. Some people might consider the arm holes on the binder kind of large, but they are designed like that so that they don't poke out of the tank top. I like the size of the armhole for my body type, but I know some people might have a little bit of a sideboob issue, which luckily the tank top would cover up! I preferred swimming in the original product that had the two layers sewn together at the neck hole, but I guess it was confusing for some people to get into it that way (even with the zipper that makes getting in and out of binders so much easier) and I also appreciate that connecting them with these smooth snaps instead allows people to use the binder without the tank top. It's great that it can be used in or out of the water!

Unless I needed to be completely flat, I usually wore the Zip Binder from GenderBender's soft binding collection or used the Extra Soft Body Tape to bind, but this style was extremely effective for me. Like a traditional binder, you shouldn't do heavy exercise in it, but casually swimming is fine. For working out, I used the Active Top or taped my chest with this brand's body tape. After I got top surgery, I washed and sent all my binders back to be donated to the local organizations GenderBender supports :)

Attendeficit Goldner
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Cassandra Heller
Can't wait for summer to swim and fish in...

Can't wait for summer to swim and fish in it

Nyx Roberts
that was exactly what i needed for my trip...

that was exactly what i needed for my trip to Honolulu. I felt great and comfortable, thank you so much!