Rise Up Pride Print - Hard Binder with Detachable Swim Tank

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This swim top/binder set is handmade in Los Angeles with a water resistant finish for a quick dry effect. It is carefully designed to have strong seams and a cleaner finish to avoid skin irritation. The zip binder underneath the tank top flattens the chest, while the loose outer layer drapes over it in a masculine shape hiding any underarm fat. The inner layer available separately zips down for safe and more comfortable dressing, undressing, and temporary breaks from binding! The tank top can then be put on and snapped to the binder, preventing any shifting and keeping the binder in place under the tank. Since the tank is detachable, either binder or top layer can be worn on their own, though we highly recommend wearing a set for the most masculine figure when swimming.

While this fabric is swimsafe, please keep in mind that the white color may be a bit see-through when wet, so the inner binder would be visible (but not transparent) when wet. All tanks XS-2X have snaps inside to connect the tank, meaning the inner binder could also be worn by itself.

When binding, it is often best to adjust tissue to where it would naturally shift when you lay naked on your back. Our zipper offers the unique option of closing your binder while actually laying back this way - for the safest binding - as well as a quick release when necessary! Breathe deep into your belly to stay present on long days :)

Plain black and red versions available here: Swim Tank & Hard Binder

Swim shorts also available separately:

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Since this style is more rigid than our soft binders, you may find you need a larger size than you normally do with our other tops. If you have a cup size of A or B, experience anxiety or back pain from binding, or are otherwise concerned about the constriction of the rib cage; please consider getting a larger size than listed in the chart.

If you have broad shoulders/chest (so most of that measurement is ribcage, not breast tissue), a waist measurement close to or larger than your chest, or get claustrophobic/anxiety or back pain from binding, we recommend the larger size. If you have a small frame and larger cup size, the smaller size will work much better!

More sizes available in plain black or red here.

Plus size version that comes with an attached inner binder (which prevents the binder from being able to poke out the neck hole) is currently available in 3X-5X!

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Machine Wash Cold

Tumble Dry Low

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