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GenderBender General Binding Chart

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GenderBender 3/4 Length Binders Size Chart

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unisuit sizing

Every individual is unique so no chart can be 100% accurate for everyone, but we offer free exchanges so you can find the best fit for your body type! 

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size chart for tucking

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This soft binder is handmade in Los Angeles using our compression knit with antimicrobial and moisture management treatments. It was very carefully designed to have strong seams, clean finishes, and no rough areas or tags to scratch or irritate the skin. The two layers of fabric in the front work to compress and softly flatten the chest without making it hard to breathe. The nylon coil zipper in the front makes dressing and undressing much easier!

We were having trouble getting enough fabric from our local supplier due to the pandemic, and we wanted to offer more colors, so we ordered some fabric from another supplier. In addition to the color coming out slightly different than expected, this fabric was also a bit lighter weight and stretchier than our primary fabric, more like the swim fabric we use for the Active Top and Tucking Bikini. Since this does affect the fit and feel of the binder, we have decided to label items made with this fabric as "Lightweight." These may feel looser, especially in larger sizes, due to the stretch, so we recommend sizing down to account for this if purchasing the lightweight version. The upside is that the lightweight binders are more swim and exercise-safe than our typical binders, though we don't recommend swimming in the white color, especially not in a chlorinated pool. The lighter-weight fabric will be more breathable, but is also thinner. They are also a great option for post-op use, or for anyone who is looking for compression similar to that of the Active Top but on this binder with a zipper and lower neckline.


Please see our official size chart using the button above to confirm your sizing. There is also a chart based on bra sizes in the last photo, but this may not be as accurate as using your confirmed individual measurements.

The zipper is 10" long, making the approximate length of the binder 13" from high point shoulder. This is long enough for most people, and ideal for many - being short enough that it won't roll up - however we also offer a 3/4 length version with dressing hooks!

Our soft binders offer comfortable compression designed to prevent back pain, difficulty breathing, chafing, sensory issues, and binder-related anxiety in addition to using fabric treated with antimicrobial and wicking finishes. While they are still effective binders for most of our customers, those with dense chest tissue may find that with the extra stretch these may not flatten as much as other more rigid binders on the market that don't prioritize safety and comfort as much as we do. We do sell one style of rigid binder, originally intended for low impact swimming, and are working on a new style to offer the best of both worlds. For more information on binding, click here!

If you have gotten/are getting top surgery and going flat, please base size on the chest measurement above the bust, not around or below the bust. Those getting reductions may use both measurements for consideration. If you will not be padded with anything besides a little gauze, get at least 1 size down from what the chart recommends. If choosing a "lightweight" version, which costs less and is great for post-op compression after the first week, please go another size down. We do however recommend using our Post-Op Compression Wrap for more rigid compression during the first week of recovery from a full double mastectomy.

If you have broad shoulders/chest (so most of that measurement is ribcage, not breast tissue), or get claustrophobic/anxiety or back pain from binding, I'd recommend the larger size. If you have a small frame and larger cup size or very soft tissue, the smaller size will likely work much better! If you still aren't sure, go with the smaller one and we can exchange for a different size if needed. Free exchanges are available within the US but may be slow, and international exchanges are subject to shipping costs, so please pick carefully! For international customers, it may be a better idea to get the larger size and have it tailored locally if it is too large, because this often costs less and is quicker than shipping an exchange.


Machine Wash Cold

Tumble Dry Low

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Refund Policy: free exchanges if clean

Shipping Policy: ships 1-3 business days from purchase

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Customer Reviews

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Jay W
Good post-op compression

Got this for my partner who just got top surgery! We got it in the grey lightweight fabric so we went one size down from his actual size. I was worried it would be too small but it fits great! He says it feels like it's giving the same compression that the ace bandages were, but that its way more comfortable. Its also really soft for a binder! I might get one of my own soon.

Also- i had reached out for help with sizing and they got back to me super quick and were very helpful!


Used the size chart and unfortunately my binder was way too loose and on top of that the zipper mechanism broke not long after getting it. Definitely an unfortunate loss of $70.

Hi - I'm so sorry to hear that!

We've sent you an email about getting a replacement binder in a smaller size. We received some faulty zippers from YKK last year and had them all replaced once we realized some of the Zip Binders were breaking, only a couple days after your order was fulfilled. We use strong zippers that should not break with regular use. If anyone has any concerns or issues, please contact us directly for help with your order.

Thank you,


Fits my friend well. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. It's a soft binder, so the restriction isn't super tight and he's not completely flat but I think it's a realistic flattening and it still helps his dysphoria.

Good, but not for older bodies

This is so well made, comfy, soft, and offers good compression, but is a couple inches for us elder trans with more saggy bits. If you are like me, go ahead and buy the zip binder for larger chests, it is absolutely perfect!

Thank you for your review!

As you know, we have a few options for different body types. I want to make it easier for readers of your review to find them, so I'm pasting the links to those longer zip styles below :)

We renamed the Zip Compression Top for Large Chests for more accuracy, so it is now called the Long Zip Compression Top for Large Cup Sizes:
This style is 2' longer than the regular Zip Binder, and is available in sizes XS-XL.

Our Zip Plus Compression Top (available in sizes 2X-6X) is 4' longer than the regular Zip Binder:

We also hope to offer more options in the future!

Thanks again,


not worth the price, i got a much smaller size than i was supposed to according to the chart, and it barely flattens me. definitely comfortable and good for comfort days, but not a actually flattening binder.