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This tucking strap is handmade in Los Angeles with very soft bra strap elastic. It was very carefully designed to be versatile, dynamic, adjustable, removable, and replaceable. It can be attached to the back loop of all our brand's gaffs, or to your own clothes with the very smooth clip. It comes with all of our silicone rings with an inner diameter of 1", 1.25", and 1.5" for various girths. They add extra security for performers and work perfectly with our soft gaffs, which are finished with antimicrobial and wicking finishes for long lasting comfort.

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The "clip" is a sepparate attachment for people to use this tucking strap with their own costumes; without this adapter the hook strap is only able to connect with GenderBender gaffs. Conversely, clip straps do not have a hook for attaching. We ovver the HOOK + CLIP COMBO for those who would like to be able to use both!

All combos now include all 3 sizes of silicone ring for your convenience, making sure you get a good fit! When purchasing individual rings, remember that it is recommended you purchase a ring that is slightly larger than the diameter of your "head," as the silicone is able to grip your skin even if it is not tight.

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How To Use:

The strap attaches to the back of the gaff or garment. We recommend pulling the gaff up above your knees, attaching the silicone ring around your glans, tucking your bits in, then pulling the gaff all the way up. Adjust strap length until it comfortably holds everything back and in, not too tight. If clipping to a satin label, folding the label once or twice should prevent slippage, but clip works best on fabric, elastic, and non-satin labels. When used with our gaffs, the strap hooks directly and securely to our loop without need for a clip!

Inguinal tucking method explained in last photo

As this is effective but not the most comfortable method of tucking, we recommend it for performances or short periods, not everyday use. For more comfortable solutions, please check out our gaffs!


Refund Policy: intimate items like this can not be returned, but contact us for help with any issues!

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